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I help awakening Souls, Conscious Creators and inspired Leaders  get the clarity, presence, impact, and tools you need to be excellent at work and beautifully succeed at life.

Sven Oliver Heck | Higher Reality Access Mentor

Sven Oliver Heck is a visionary Soul, a multi-dimensional Explorer and an Expert for Realities. He is an Author, Channel and Speaker about the Mastery of Life, the Future of Leadership and universal Cosmic Intelligence.

Through his deep own path of revelations, healing, energetic initiations and deep study, he gathered the knowledge, the techniques and the wisdom about the Path of Mastery and the true reality of inner Peace and Freedom.

As a Channel for Adam, other radiant Energies and advanced conscious beings he loves to support the development of the human race and all other races in the universe.

Coaching | Healing | Private Sessions

As a licensed Healing Practitioner, Transpersonal Therapist, Energy-Healer, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Mentor he deeply supports awakening Souls on their amazing journey towards Greatness.

With great clarity and wisdom he worked with over  300 clients and helped them to elevate and advance their lives profoundly.

He is the founder of the Higher Reality Access™ – Movement and developed a systematic approach for spiritual and energetic healing through reunion with the Soul called The Spark Connection – Going Beyond Infinity™. Sven works in private practice, online via Skype and does intensive retreats.

Speaking | Teaching

Sven is available internationally for speaking events and workshops aimed at future-oriented professionals, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs who like to leverage their possibilities and outcomes to the next evolutionary level.

Energetic Leadership | Enlightened Entrepreneurs | Business Evolution

As an Energetic Leadership and High-Performance Coach he gives Infinity X business level talks and trainings about Next Level Thinking, Higher Reality Access™ and the Future of Leadership.

In these leading edge seminars Sven integrates universal principles of consciousness, Energetic Leadership and the holistic Mastery of Life with technological and organizational developments, Artificial Intelligence and breath-taking Future Trends that will take place in the incredible coming years of human civilization.

He is the Creator of the professional Master-Mind Group “Greatness & Mastery Alliance” for Leaders and high impact Entrepreneurs.

Sven has graduated as a Digital Artist and worked 16+ Years as Digital Consultant on Million Dollars Budget Projects for Media Agencies, Universities, Art Foundations and Solo-Preneurs.

Books | Audio

Sven has written three sacred Books. Living in Brilliance, Divine Powers and Love. The next one he is working on is Leaving Fear – The Power of Choice. He created The Brilliance Meditation and many other powerful free Tools to tune into Higher Reality and live a great Life.

About Sven, Adam and The Masters of the Golden Ray

Sven’s books Living in Brilliance, Divine Powers and Love are the result of  inter-dimensional connection with a highly advanced cosmic intelligence called Adam.

The “Masters of the Golden Ray” teach powerfully about going beyond all our limitations by tuning into Love, Beauty and Freedom. Understanding that we are divine and powerful and that Infinity is the Reality behind all of our Illusions is one of the Master Keys in Adam’s divine teachings.

After years of tremendous emotional pain, self-destructive addictions of any kind and severe life struggles Sven had an extraordinary awakening experience meeting a powerful energetic Celestial Being of Light which completely restructured Sven’s consciousness and reality. Through constant striving, studying and deep support through healers, mentors, guides and shamans Sven was able to recover from the past and realign with the true higher Purpose of his Soul.

Through tremendous shifts in Sven’s consciousness and heightened states of Awareness a deep connection to Adam the 8th Dimensional Group Consciousness was established in 2014 and Sven started to channel and write the books. From the day this powerful and healing contact was activated, his life changed into a beautiful and powerful experience of Excitement, Light and Joy.

Since then Sven is receiving the “Messages from Above”, Meditations like The Brilliance Meditation and many intuitive gifts and energetic skills he uses in the work with his Clients. Since the beginning of his transformation he empowered hundreds of Clients doing the same like him – Waking up, healing and clearing their lifes and reaching towards Freedom.

If you like to read his powerful journey of shifting from confusion, pain and suffering into enlightened action, impact and radiance be sure to read Sven’s first Book “Living in Brilliance – Eternal teachings for a Great Life”.

Channeling is a very natural process of tuning into heightened states of consciousness. In these specific states it is possible for Sven to communicate with non-physical entities, Spirits, Ascended Masters, Angels and many other conscious Beings in the universe.

Adam is one of these Energies and always teaches passionately about the universal Truth that we are not alone and that we all are ONE – The single one most powerful creation of All That Is.

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