Praise for the Books

These Books ultimately invite you to go beyond all your limitations by accessing nothing less than Infinity.


Follow your Higher Calling, expand your potential and live a Life of Greatness

Now it is time to listen to your true calling and start following the Truth of living as the great Energy Being you truly are — an awakening Soul on the journey of realizing multidimensional Consciousness and Enlightenment.

It is time now to wake up from the illusion of limitation, frustration and negativity by connecting to higher Self and the inner Wisdom of Creation.

Learn what is Soul Awakening…

This unique book ultimately invites you to go beyond all your limitations, accessing nothing less than Infinity. Exploring how to have a spiritual awakening is the key to your full potential and your ability to multidimensional transformation, spiritual healing and full DNA activation.

These messages will change your Life forever…

In this powerful guide you learn about Sven’s breathtaking story of healing, spiritual awakening and his authentic Life-Journey of becoming initiated into the higher teachings of Cosmic Consciousness and the multidimensional Self. You connect with the supernatural aspects of your own Spirit and learn that Ascension is possible for everyone who is ready to go the Path.

Coming into contact with the powerful Presence of eternal Light, Sven experiences soul healing miracles, learns to navigate dimensions and powerfully transforms his challenging Life into a fascinating adventure. He starts to channel the higher dimensional Being called Adam and writes the Trilogy of Life series about multidimensional ascension and the gradual alignment with Divine Life…

Multidimensional Consciousness is the Key…

Adam is a highly evolved non-physical Consciousness and the beautiful teachings are easy to integrate Principles of Life, yet they bring the universal Cosmic Force of Love, Grace and Fulfillment.

They enable us to activate our multidimensional awareness and finally remember who we truly are –  Powerful Souls and Master Beings with the magnificent potential to raise our vibratory frequencies and with it to elevate Reality profoundly.

Multidimensional Thinking and Spiritual Awakening are the Entrance into a new Reality of Simplicity, Beauty, Happiness and Love.

By reading Adam’s sacred messages, you open up to the vast energetic possibilities you have as a Human Being. Accessing Higher Reality is a choice for Greatness and with it you become who you truly are – a Multidimensional Self, a radiant Energy Being and awakening Human Consciousness exploring Infinity.

You simply connect to the Source.

A deep spiritual journey towards Divine Truth and Multidimensional Activation

This Book ultimately invites you to go beyond all your limitations by accessing nothing less than Infinity.

This is your personal invitation from the universe to change perspectives, to experience your Greatness and to master your Life beautifully.


Learn how powerful you are and become a Master of Reality

Tune into Higher Dimensions of your Self to master Reality with Power, Love and Grace. The profound universal Messages of a Higher Consciousness will illuminate and transform your limiting ideas of your Self and align you with the Cosmic Principles of higher Dimensions and the Soul.

“As we are bringing the next dimension of your infinite realities, we open your gateways toward that which we call Divine Powers.

These Powers are the essence of conscious force. When properly aligned and used, they open you up to the universal Light of your eternal Soul.

You are Divine & Powerful

Accessing these Divine Powers gives you great responsibility as you become a fully acknowledged and conscious member of the Cosmic Principles of Life and the Light of Creation.

As your Wisdom and understanding about these higher principles deepens, you allow your blockages and misconceptions to appear. You take the chance to eliminate the narrow mind and your low level frequency engagement — leaving behind confusion and delusion.

By advancing your Soul and purifying negative habits and thoughts, you prepare yourself to gain the knowledge.

Your Spiritual Journey is the Key

This knowledge is about Divine Powers, given to you in the trust of the One Creator of All That Is.

You are aligning your will with the great ideas of Excellence, Beauty and Love and this grants you the Power to consciously choose your reality.

Higher Reality Access is a true possibility for Everyone who is honest, persistent and truthful. For only the fine mind is allowed to unlock the Principles of Light.

Be sure to fulfill the highest order and live a Life of Service, Grace and Wisdom. For there is nothing more rewarding than acknowledging your True Beauty.

Always follow pure intent and engage with your Divine Powers.

Be Free. Live Wisely.

Get Presence, Power and Clarity now

Take part in the next level of evolutionary Consciousness and learn about your amazing Divine Powers which you can access by becoming the true Master of your Life.

Through the inspiring teachings you get initiated and activated into fully realizing your awakening Soul by reaching towards Greatness, Fulfillment and Love.

Follow your calling and live a Life of true Purpose and Success.

Divine Powers – Gateways to Mastery is the right book for all great Souls on their Path towards Enlightenment.


The ultimate guide to mental and emotional freedom

Leaving Fear in 40 Days – The Power of Choice is a powerful guide and energizing tool book to help you realize that your fears and anxiety are an illusion.

Understanding the simple concept of fear and anxiety primarily as an energetic state, a state of consciousness you will learn simple yet profound ideas about shifting your distorted beliefs and irrational emotion into freedom, serenity and strength.

Working as a transpersonal Therapist, holistic Coach, Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor, Sven Oliver Heck compiled this effective and helpful guide out of hundreds of hours work with clients and patients facing fears, anxiety, depression and uncertainty.

Advanced holistic techniques that will transform anxiety and fear into strength and clarity

Leaving Fear in 40 Days is a powerful holistic tool to transform your fears and anxiety into clarity, serenity and strength. Using advanced energetic techniques and effective mind-processing this tool-book works on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels to help you stabilize, brighten up and transform the dark areas of your Life.

Use the power of your mind and learn how to cope with fear and how to stop anxiety

This book works in combination with the free “Leaving Fear – The Power of Choice” neuro-tool meditation. Using the advanced techniques of the guided visualization is a simple and powerful way of disconnecting from negative repeating sensations, moods, emotions and looping thought-cycles. Based on latest neuroscientific research, brainwave enhancement, mind re-programming, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, holistic alignment, mindfulness practices and energy-work this meditation is the result of 10 years of therapeutic work with trauma, fear and anxiety-based symptoms and anxiety disorders.

Leaving Fear in 40 Days is a powerful invitation to a free life without fear and anxiety

To see anxiety as an ally and using advanced mindsets to explore your fears you will see that this guide is not an ordinary anxiety relief book. Learning to shift your mental programming and judgements about your fears and anxiety gives you the power to overcome the negative social side-effects and the frustration about living in fear and anxiety.

Break the loop and end the negative pattern

Leaving Fear in 40 Days helps you to stop anxiety from stopping you. You reclaim your power and your freedom by making the choice for a life beyond panic attacks and suffering,

Overcoming fear, anxiety and panic attacks now

If you are ready for a shift in your life, going beyond fear and anxiety this book will be the right companion. Open Mindedness and your natural ability to overcome fear are the fundamental essence of a life that is free from fear and anxiety.

It is your Choice to move from Darkness into the Light

Availabale Soon

Love is the highest state of Consciousness, the highest energetic state of existence and the all encompassing perspective of God within. Full of Kindness and Beauty, Adam teaches this time about the universal and infinite force of creation:


To access higher levels of Love and Power you align yourself with the great principles of a pure mind and a generous heart.

Simply connect to the Supreme by receiving the wonderful blessings of a cosmic intelligence that loves to share its powerful Wisdom with humanity.

“Love – The Truth about Freedom” is the right book for all great Souls on their Path to unconditional Love.