Clear your Energy-Field - Activate your Higher Reality Blueprint - Energize your Presence

Simply plug-in and tune into Cosmic Intelligence

  • 12 Minutes easy and deep Meditation
  • 2 special Meditation Versions - Bright and Deep for different Moods
  • Instant energetic Activation & Empowerment
  • Establishing Deep Higher Self Connection
  • Chakra Clearing and holistic Reality Alignment
  • Mental Clarity and enhanced Focus
  • Uses advanced BrainWave Technology and Cosmic Energetic Transmission

Clear your Mind - Activate your Heart &

Awaken your Soul​

“Love this one! It's absolutely perfect! Namaste” - Nancy

Tune into Higher Reality and easily access an accelerated and Supreme Life using the Power of Cosmic Intelligence

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Sven Oliver HeckAuthor, Coach and Visionary

The Brilliance Meditation is one of the most powerful Tools I have created to constantly get tuned into Higher Reality and Supreme Cosmic Intelligence. Use it every day and it will deeply align you with your Higher Self, your true divine Purpose and your loving Heart.

This is a powerful energetic transmission and I suggest to you to be open for amazing and beautiful changes in your life.

Namasté, dear Friend...

What others say about The Brilliance Meditation - Reviews on Insight Timer Meditation

“Amazing! The connection I felt was beautiful I will be revisiting this meditation often.”

“Woahhhh! Seeing visions and taking off into another dimension in my mind. So powerful. I feel like I'm floating.”

“Best one I've done so far. Excellent!”

“This meditation is lovely, yet powerful. It really worked for me. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Sven! Bookmarked! Amazingly beautiful visuals! Can't wait to "do this again!“

“Only 5 stars I have ever given... will revisit often. ”

“Instant favorite, brilliant, thank you!!”

“Love! Love! Love this one!”

“Thanks again Sven, such a nice frequency to go along with “

“Love this one! It's absolutely perfect! Namaste”

“I love this so much!”

“Powerful and Beautiful! I loved this experience; one of my favorite guided meditations!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation”


“Very powerful - empowering and cleansing. Great way to start the morning!”