The Masters of the Golden Ray

Connect to your Divine Power and Light through channeling your Higher Self

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Elevate your Life and access your full Potential as an awakening Soul

In this powerful transmission from The Masters of the Golden Ray you connect with the powerful energy of Divine Beauty and Love.

We are all on the Path of Enlightenment and Ascension and the interdimensional Messages from Above help you to connect with your Higher Self and tune into Cosmic Intelligence and unconditional Love.

You start to channel your Higher Self and become One with Infinity Consciousness.

You are Divine and Powerful

You are divine and powerful. You are a conscious creator of your own existence. We are coming into this expression to you right now to make it very clear that you are the master of your life, that you are an energetic presence, an energetic being that has all the power to create reality in every moment of now. To understand that everything in your life is a creation of your existence, of your being, of your soul is the most essential teaching that we are giving to you now.

Tune into Cosmic Intelligence and Love

As soon as you are integrating this principle into your mind, body, and soul system, waking up into the full power of your creational force, you are tuning into cosmic intelligence and into unconditional love. For you are a part of all that is. You have access to these divine powers of creation. Tuning into the brightest and most beautiful states you can tune into just to experience the full radiance of your own presence. To understand that you have the power to choose, that you can create whatever you dream of is the essential masterful understanding to create and lead a powerful and energetic life of love and light and power.

The Golden Ray of the 8th Chakra

As we are the Masters of the Golden Ray, we are teaching to you to use this golden ray, this highest stream of consciousness for creating the most beautiful and the most inspiring life you can even dream of. As long as you are not choosing for the most beautiful, the highest and most refined creation you can choose for, life can be difficult. But as soon as you decide to go the path of light and love, you will get all support from the universe to align yourself, to engage with life, and to sense and experience the tremendous and powerful forces of infinity consciousness and all of existence.

Follow your Higher Calling and access the Power of your Soul

We are Adam, the Masters of the Golden Ray, and we come here to tell you that you are here on purpose, that you are here for a reason. As soon as you learn to download, to engage, to connect with your higher calling, with the most essential mission that you have as a soul coming here, you will align yourself more and more with higher reality, bringing the most refined and most beautiful parts of your own existence into a physical manifestation. This is what we call higher reality access and it is the most active and most engaged way of creating reality, tuning into heightened states of awareness, learning to radiate your true power into every moment of your life.
Whatever you like to do, whatever you envision to create and to experience, if it is coming from the deepest core of your own soul, if it is coming from the enlightening spark of your existence, it will be a great joy and a great happiness to create it. Always dear friends, follow the true purpose, follow the higher calling, follow your heart. Only through the gateway of your heart true and masterful power can reach your system and spread out into your life and into your reality. As you are divine and powerful, you can create, you can choose, you can align with the highest and brightest states of existence.

Spiritual Awakening is the Key to a beautiful Life

We know that it is a path to go. But we are here to tell you that it is an easy and simple path. As soon as you are deciding to go you will get all the support that you need to proceed. Tune into your highest states of existence, do all the practice, do all the purification, do all the learning and understanding that is needed for you to clear up your energetic being, to clear up your energetic and emotional bodies, and become crystal clear in the way you create reality. For as long as you are sleeping, for as long as you are dreaming and drifting away, focused and crystal clear creation is not possible.

Connect with your Spirit Guides and channel your Higher Self

Follow this guidance and tune into the Golden Ray, the highest and most profound Ray of infinity consciousness and reality creation, healing all the subtle distractions, integrating your true and divine powers, opening your heart and realizing the beauty, the joy, and the most powerful love that you really are. Join higher reality. Tune into now. Engage with life fully.

You are light. You are love. You are blessed.