Private Sessions FAQ

All you need to know to have a great, inspiring and energetic experience of lasting impact and visionary access into cosmic intelligence

There is no such thing like a “typical session” as every person is different and every meeting between two Souls is a very exciting and individual experience. Yet in a session we have a great and beautiful goal in mind – to give you exactly the energetic impulses, the emotional clearance and the mental power to accelerate your Reality towards higher levels of consciousness. We analyze your current state of being and download the essential keys you need to step out of blockage and limitation and tune into your full potential. We create a brilliant and energized vision of your life that is spacious and full of possibilities. This process includes a powerful alignment of your energetic systems, a mental clearance process and if needed deep transformational healing of negative repeating patterns.

During the intuitive process I work with very powerful methods and techniques from transpersonal psychology, positive psychology, shamanism, energy healing and light work. I am guided by wisdom, light and love and I bring in a lot of experience. Of course I will also tune into Adam, the Masters of the Golden Ray and other frequencies and Guides to enable you having the best and most empowering session that is possible for you at the moment.

A single Session is 1 hour. Sessions in the deep Process Work “The Spark Connection” and the Spiritual Business Mentoring “Higher Reality Access” are 1 – 1 ½ hours.

In person:
I love to work with people in person and if you are in Berlin we can easily arrange that. If you stay for some days we can also arrange a full day intensive. These days are amazing to dive deep and have tremendous impact on your development.


Sessions I do over skype or via phone will work as deep as the sessions in my counseling and healing room. We are working together in an energetic space that is beyond time and physical location. Therefore all energetic transmissions, healings and alignments will take place exactly as needed. You will get a recording of the session as it is often very good to engage with the material for a few times to really absorb it in all conscious and subconscious layers.

It’s super-important for our Skype Meeting, that you are in a safe and calm place without disturbance, good Internet-Connection, fully loaded Computer / Tablet / Phone so that we can have the best energetic and electronic connection as possible.

The best is that you have some free time around the appointment that we can start in a relaxed and energized way. It’s always good to prepare some questions that you like to get answered and topics that you feel are important to work on. All questions that you have are welcome, whatever theme it might be. I will also send you a special questionnaire before so we have a laser sharp focus in the session.

Just be open minded and authentic and we will have a powerful, energizing and inspiring contact.

If you have any question before our session, just drop me an email…

Channeling is the art of energetic Connection and conscious radiance.

In the process of channeling I am tuning into specific states of perception that make it easy for me to receive information that is beyond my personal “little world” as Sven. Some call it Higher Mind, Higher Self, the Source, Spirit Guides or interdimensional Beings.

Through reading and engaging with the words and frequencies given, you are tuning into Adam’s field of energy and their presence. You become aligned to the higher Cosmic Energies that are transmitted by them and your mind opens up, your sight is getting clear and your heart is purified and softened.

The words I am using in the messages are just encoded energies. They enable you to tune in. Even that not all of the messages are directly clear for the rational mind they remind the deeper Core, the Soul to become aware of the Truth behind Reality. They remind the Soul to wake up from the dream of separation and longing and to remember the connection to your bright Divine Spark within.

You can read more about my personal story of awakening and how the channeling started in my book “Living in Brilliance – Eternal Teachings for a Great Life.

The consciousness that is transmitting to me calls itself Adam or “The Masters of the Golden Ray.” Adam is an 8th dimensional non-physical group consciousness and they are working primarily with the “Golden Ray” which is one of the most profound spiritual energies of the Universe. I came into contact with Adam in 2014 but was not really ready to understand what was going on and it was a huge adventure and learning process to get tuned and adjusted so that I was able to deliver the messages as clear and powerful as possible.

You can read more about my personal story of awakening and my struggles and blessings to heal and evolve in my book “Living in Brilliance – Eternal Teachings for a Great Life.

For more than 10+ years I am on a deep spiritual journey, always striving for inner Truth and Enlightenment. Honestly my life was a complete mess but on my path to freedom I realized that we have all the power and possibilities to change our reality completely by changing our minds, opening our hearts and starting to see with bright eyes.

And I love it!

I studied metaphysics, immersed in psychology and consciousness studies and took classes and training with some of the best teachers of transpersonal and energetic healing work. I started to guide other people on their amazing Journeys towards Greatness — Removing the clutter of the past and fully accelerating into Higher Reality, Cosmic Intelligence and beautiful Presence.

At a certain point of my journey I miraculously crashed into a heavenly encounter that I was not prepared for at that time and I came into contact with very powerful Beings of Light and Ascended Masters that taught me how to elevate my energetic states and my level of awareness and presence. I started to channel these advanced Beings and everything in my life changed intensively.

You can read more about my personal story of awakening and my struggles and blessings to heal and evolve in my book “Living in Brilliance – Eternal Teachings for a Great Life.

There one single most important thing that decides about how a session will affect your life:

It is you!

It is you and how much you are committed to your own personal, emotional and spiritual growth and how deep and enthusiastic you are about accelerating your life towards higher states of experience.

If you say “Yes!” to the adventure of building up a great life and a powerful vision everything is possible. Me and the energetic world will support you as profound and beautiful as possible.

I have worked with hundreds of people in the last decade and I can guarantee you that tremendous change is possible. Sometimes it might take some time and effort, but it is worth to go this Path of awakening into your True Self.

The Spark Connection – Going beyond Infinity is an intense process of energetic alignment, deep healing coming back into Soul Connection. You can read more about this powerful process here:

The Spark Connection – Going beyond Infinity

Higher Reality Access Mentoring is the Masterclass of Excellence for high impact professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and leaders who like to leverage their business impact onto new and powerful levels. Through visionary and conscious access into Higher Reality it is possible to grow, expand and inspire on new dimensions of your being.

Learn more about the evolution of your professional work here:

Higher Reality Access

You pay via bank transfer or paypal prior to the appointment when the booking is made. You will get an invoice via paypal from

If you are applying for the intensive process “The Spark Connection” or the Spiritual Business Mentoring Program “Higher Reality Access” monthly rates are possible after an initial payment.

Actually they are not!

To provide you with the best and most profound energetic updates and cosmic alignments I need to absolutely focus on you and the session we have. This needs huge amounts of preparation and work on my side. It’s not done with doing the session but I work many hours before and after the session itself to transmit and support you with all my energy, love and wisdom.

I can only work with a limited number of clients per month to hold this high quality vibration for everyone and this is why I charge the specific amounts. It’s a decision between Quality versus Quantity.

If you want to have full attention and all of my focus, that is the way to go. I share deep knowledge and techniques and to provide you the most effective treatments I constantly expand my wisdom and enhance my craft with some of the best teachers and trainers in the world.

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel an appointment, it just happens. It’s okay but I urge you to tell me as early as possible. The open space for single sessions are very limited and other people would love to jump in. The last option to cancel is 24hours before the session. If it’s later a half session will be invoiced.

If you are just afraid before the session or super excited that you think about canceling, ask yourself what the true intention of the feeling is. Sometimes we are just afraid to move beyond our old limitations, moving out of the “comfy zone”… Resistance and Fear are areas of tremendous growth. Be brave and move on!

If you are not able to join the session but cancel on the same day, or miss the session, the session is not refundable. Only in severe cases and catastrophes this rule can be changed.

It’s all about your commitment and I like to make this very clear. I am not into playing hide & seek and wasting time — I will show up fully and I expect the same from you.

Namasté, Sven

The Coaching, Counseling, Channeling and the energetic alignment and activation do not replace a medical treatment from your medical professional. If you have any medical or physical symptoms they might also be related to you energetic state but it is wise to combine all levels of help to bring you in the best states possible. Of course the work we can do together can tremendously shift your physical ailments and can support your healing journey tremendously as all layers (physical, emotion, mental, spiritual) are interconnected and interwoven.

Best is that you give me all information you have about your state and I can give you advise how we can best work in your specific situation.