How to leave the Darkness and move into the Light.

Neuro-Mind Tool and Guide


A powerful Tool-Set for Transformation. Get it and go beyond fear and anxiety:

The Leaving Fear Meditation is a powerful holistic tool to transform your fears and anxiety into clarity, serenity and strength. Using advanced guided imagination techniques and effective mind-processing this meditation works on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels to help you stabilize, brighten up and transform the dark areas of your Life.

Through the activation of your natural ability for heightened states of awareness and presence, you learn to overcome states of fear and anxiety. You illuminate the erroneous and inaccurate ideas and beliefs of your subconscious and conscious mind that create and lead to your fear and anxiety. You learn to access your natural and healthy Home-Frequency and align with mental and emotional strength and clarity.

The meditation is an easy and powerful way of disconnecting from negative repeating sensations, moods, emotions and looping thought-cycles. Based on latest neuroscientific research, brainwave enhancement, mind re-programming, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, holistic alignment, mindfulness practices and energy-work this meditation is the result of 10 years of therapeutic work with trauma, fear and anxiety based symptoms and disorders.

The meditation comes in two versions: Gentle and Intensive. The Intensive Version uses more immersive musical elements and can be overwhelming if you suffer from very strong symptoms of fear and anxiety. In this case it’s good to start gentle. Always use what feels appropriate in your current situation. Both Versions are very effective.

What others say about the mind enhancing Neuro-Tool:

“This beautiful powerful meditation went far and beyond what I expected.” – Susanna

“Wow. This is a remarkable and effective guided meditation! Truly one of the best I've ever done.” – LeAnn

“I am very very grateful for that meditation. There’s nothing else I could say.” – Isa

“Wow! You took me from the dark into the light. Tears of fear to tears of joy! Thank you!” – Amy

“Suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, I can say this was very powerful and enlightening. Thank you.” – Cyndie

“This meditation changed my life today.” – Krista

“Fantastic!!! Thank you for this wonderful gift! It truly helped me connect on the deepest level to my brightest light.” – Krd

“This meditation is intense!” – Nadine

“Excellent guided meditation. Very helpful during the states of fear and anxiety.” - Eli

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