A deep Journey towards divine Truth and the real Guide to live your Greatest Life ever

Activate your true Divine Purpose and succeed in Life beautifully by accessing Higher Reality.

This Book ultimately invites you to go beyond all your limitations by accessing nothing less than Infinity.

Adam’s beautiful teachings are easy to integrate principles of life, yet they bring the universal cosmic force of love, grace and enlightenment.

They enable you to finally remember who you truly are – A Powerful Soul and Master Being with the magnificent potential to raise your vibratory frequencies and with it to elevate your Reality profoundly.

The unique Story of an awakening Soul seeking for Enlightenment and the Divine

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Live your Greatest Life ever and simply align yourself with the Supreme

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Who is Living in Brilliance for?


Who want to create a Great Life


Who search for Power and Truth


Who want to change the world trough Inner Freedom


Who want to awaken Infinity Consciousness

Tune into Cosmic Intelligence and get initiated by your Higher Self

“Living in Brilliance – Eternal Teachings that give You Infinite Power to live your Greatest Life Ever” is the first volume of a series of three sacred channeled books called “The Trilogy of Life – Series”.

In this awe-inspiring and powerful guide you learn about Sven’s breathtaking unique journey of awakening and his deeply touching life story of becoming initiated into the higher teachings of Infinity and God Consciousness. Coming into deep contact with powerful Beings of Light and the Masters of the Golden Ray, Sven powerfully transforms his life, starts to channel and write these books…

Full of deep Wisdom and eternal Truths the highly advanced non-physical group consciousness called Adam teaches and engages us to live our greatest lives ever by accessing our natural Divine Powers. We are beautifully invited to become the true eternal Masters of our infinite Realities.

In the tradition of great Channels like Jane Roberts channeling Seth, April Crawford channeling Veronica, Daryl Anka channeling Bashar and many more Sven delivers the highly inspiring “Messages from Above™”

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Meet the Author

On his incredible journey through time and space Sven learned that everything is possible as long we are keen enough to become the great beings we truly are.

Sven  is a visionary Soul, a multidimensional Explorer and an Expert for Realities. He is an Author, Channel and Speaker about the Mastery of Life and universal cosmic intelligence. As a licensed Healing Practitioner, Transpersonal Therapist, Trauma-Therapist, Energy-Healer, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Coach he deeply supports awakening Souls on their path. Sven works in private practice and does intensive retreats.

He gives “Infinity X” business level talks and trainings about Higher Reality Access to Infinity, where he connects universal principles of Consciousness, Leadership and Mastery with technological developments and Future Trends. He is the creator of the professional Master-Mind Group “Greatness & Mastery Alliance” for Next-Level Thinking and the Future of Leadership.