Soul Connections and Love

Nothing is more rewarding and inspiring than the deep Connection between beautiful Souls. Going our sacred Paths together is a great Joy and a magnificent Blessing...

Sonja Reifenhäuser

Author, Food-Coach, Energy Healer

Since I know Sven I have a higher perspective of being alive and a conscious feeling of being aware and grateful for myself and my work. Meeting him I get into contact with my higher self and see the responsibility for my life-path in a totally clear and gentle way.  He is really more than a coach – Sven is a soft mirror, a silent supporter, a deep soulmate and a strong companion on my way to higher states of brilliance.

Katharina Felice

Founder of Voice Energetics, Author, Voice Trainer and Singer

Sven dedicated his Path to be a door to the space of pure consciousness and possibility and he does it with fun, clarity and great vision. His unique quality lies in being able to express in clear words and with an open mind what he perceives in the hyperspace of universal consciousness. Knowing Sven is pure Inspiration.

Gracja Birmes

Energy Healer, Author, Artist

Sven has a great Connection to the Divine and clearly sees my higher potential. I like his aware mind and his fine intuition for the problems that need to be solved. He always has a bright, clear and neutral view and through working with him it becomes possible for me to see everything from a higher perspective.  I’m very happy to know him!

Jacqueline Scherrer

Business Coach and Mental Trainer

I highly recommend working with Sven as he fully tunes into the reality of his clients and uses his enormous set of tools and his deep experience to take you leaps ahead. Powerful healing is possible. He is always open for inspiring exchange, he supports me and generously shares his knowledge. Sven is a wonderful and luminous Being.

Alexandra Zühlke

Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, 3D Animator

Sven' straight on, clear and nearly Zen-like way of coaching helped me to start shifting my focus. I was surprised and impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of Sven's approach to health and freedom. In only a couple of sessions I got a clear idea about how to move through the darkness and into the light.

Florian - Seeker and Media Scientist

I recommend Sven because of his competence, vast knowledge, understanding and integrity as a coach and as a person. Deciding to take this journey with oneself and with Sven as a guide and teacher is a great gift anyone can give to the Self and the world. Simply put, he helps you rise to a higher level.

Hege - Artist and Naturelover

I really like it most that Sven is doing his beautiful und intensive work with a lot of passion, empathy and great intuition. He is eloquent, has a lot of expert knowledge and shares his own experiences and wisdom with an open heart.

Mimi - Singer and Child Care Worker

I always sense that Sven has real interest in helping me to grow and evolve. He just loves his work, he deeply honors my uniqueness and always respects my boundaries. Thank you so much for everything, Sven – Without you I would not be the same radiant person that I am today ❤

Nadine - Peaceful Punk

I know for sure that I can trust Sven 100% and that my problem or issues are solved afterwards. I always feel much lighter. Sven is an amazing guide but one has to be ready to go the path with him. Honesty is the most important ingredient… even that it sometimes feels tough to show up completely…

Re - Dancer

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