Dear beautiful Soul

It is so good to meet you right now in this moment of our lives. I know you like to grow, to create, to advance and to connect. You like to align yourself with your own unique presence and your True Self.  This is a very beautiful process and doing sessions together is a powerful way of supporting your Awakening and to deepen your connection with higher Cosmic Intelligence. I have worked with hundreds of clients and everyone is unique and special: it is always a great honor and a great joy to tune in and advance together. I love this sacred work and nothing is more exciting than to see the tremendous shifts in Reality that are possible for every one of us. Life is about the alignment with your Higher Calling, your Soul’s plan and to engage in personal Evolution, awakening into the true great Being you are. Wherever you stand in your life right now — Never forget that you are divine and powerful. I am looking forward to support and guide you on your journey in deep and energetic sessions, led by Wisdom, Power, Light and Love. You will  see clearly! Namaste Sven

Three Ways of working with me

Private Alignment Sessions

You need a quick and powerful alignment, mental clarity and an energetic update? Do a single session and transform you life right now. These are very limited and you can apply for it here. A single Session is 1h and costs 260€.

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Healing & Energetic Coaching

You are ready for a deep and transformative  Process of Healing, Energetic Alignment and Soul Awakening? Then check out “The Spark Connection™ - Going beyond Infinity”. The Spark Connection™ includes 5 Sessions (1,5h)

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Spiritual Business Mentoring

The Master’s Class of Excellence — You have a big vision and you are ready to advance your Reality as a powerful energetic Leader, conscious Creator and enlightened Professional? Tune into Higher Reality Access™, follow your true Calling and align your Soul's Power with Cosmic Intelligence  in this full spectrum Higher Reality Mentoring and Spiritual Business Coaching. The Higher Reality Access™ Process includes 12 Sessions

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Invitation to Higher Reality Success and a powerful Life of Greatness

In all of these sessions I combine 12+ years of deep study and exploration in psychology, metaphysics, energy healing and professional training. I work 7+ years as a licensed healing practitioner, as a transpersonal therapist, hypnotherapist and as a Spiritual Mentor.

Being a high intuitive and a channel for an advanced non-physical consciousness and radiant energies I am bringing “The Masters of the Golden Ray” into the sessions, giving you energy transmissions that powerfully align you with your true Self and your Soul’s Presence.

On business levels I am an Energetic Leadership Coach and train company leaders and executives about next-level thinking, the future of Leadership, mindfulness and the upcoming technological revolution. I have 15+ years experience as a Digital Consultant for high budget projects in Media Agencies, Movie Productions, Universities and Art Foundations.

No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to true success are always the same…

#1: Get clear and be brilliant.

Decide what you really want and always choose for the greatest life ever. The clearer you are on what you really want and who you really are, the more likely you will gain access to your Higher Reality, be successful and enjoy what you do.

#2: Get an overview and create the right mind-set.

Most people don’t really know what they want or tell anyone what they are deeply struggling with and therefore don’t get an outside perspective. As soon as you open up and share, you instantly connect to your life-force and let the good flow into your life.

#3: Take ownership and craft your ideal life.

Wise choice and conscious creation in alignment with positive action are the keys for having impact, to gain momentum and to build up the life you truly deserve. It is absolutely your time now to be free and enjoy your life.

#4: Get supreme support.

Very few people (if any) achieve anything great and magnificent alone. Guidance, Mentorship and Coaching is your fast and powerful entrance into heightened Reality and your greatest Life ever.

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Establishing Cosmic Connection

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