I help awakening Souls, Conscious Creators and inspired Leaders get the clarity, presence, impact, and tools you need to be excellent at work and beautifully succeed at life. This requires that you develop mastery in three areas.

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Lightening up your sacred inner Spark is the key to leave confusion overcome frustration and blockages. The Spark Connection™ is the gateway to your full potentials.

Elevate and expand your potentials being authentic, passionate and engaged. The Master Class of Excellence – Cosmic Leadership and visionary Business Mentoring for Enlightened Professionals

Divine Guidance opens the space towards infinite Reality. I teach you how to connect with your Higher Self and become One. This is the Evolution of Consciousness.

You are Divine & Powerful and now it is the Time to create your greatest Life

If you are like me,  my clients and my friends you deeply care about your personal and spiritual growth, your professional success and your emotional fulfillment.

You love to create, like to advance yourself and always strive for the next level of your potential. You want to shine bright and express yourself fully to consciously create a life of freedom, happiness and purpose.

Yet you are “just” a normal human being and the challenges of life can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating. Being excellent and loving is just difficult at times.

Do you know these Feelings?

I feel a lot of confusion and self-blame at the moment and I am often stuck in low vibration feelings such as frustration and self-doubt. No matter how hard I try, it is difficult to truly see my good qualities. I don’t trust myself as much as I should because I have failed myself and others so many times. I don’t love myself yet and I am afraid of my own weakness.

Communication Designer

I know that there is a higher power and I am looking for a Guide, someone to help me find what has been blocking me and to turn that blockage into a Light. I know there is light inside me, but I think there is something shielding it. I want to remove the shield and let the Light shine brightly.

Marketing Manager                 

Be honest with yourself:

    • Do you feel energetically blocked by recurring negative thoughts and emotions that hold you back becoming the true creator and leader of your life?
    • Are you longing for connection with a higher sense and purpose?
    • Do you know that you are here to live your highest potential, advance yourself and engage with Life, but you still hold on and don't know why?

If so don’t worry – We all are challenged intensively while learning to master life, becoming inspiring beings and we all feel overwhelmed sometimes.

I see you and I hear you

I know what it feels like to long for a fulfilling and successful life being truly connected to the freedom and power of the great potential within. I too was doing “too much”, burning out but never really felt good about myself and life.

I never really felt free.

I always was seemingly successful as digital consultant operatively administrating high budget media and advertising projects – but deep inside I felt empty, lost and often confused.

Then I started on a miraculous and breath-taking journey of self-discovery, healing and spiritual unfolding. I healed my old wounds, cleared up my energetic blockages and neutralized negative beliefs about myself. I learned to connect with others, with my Life and aligned with Cosmic Existence.

Sven is a great Coach and Lightworker and an essential Mastermind. Since I know Sven I have a higher perspective of being alive and a conscious feeling of being aware and grateful for myself and my work. Meeting him I get into contact with my higher self and see the responsibility for my life-path in a totally clear and gentle way. 

Sonja Reifenhäuser

Author, Coach and Energyhealer

Beautifully, intensively and full of challenge and wonder I woke up.

Life had other plans with me than pushing me down and just holding me back. It was time for me to risk the shift of living a Life in Brilliance.

I realigned myself with the purpose of creation, took major leaps towards energetic clarity and physical strength and transformed my life into an inspiring adventure full of opportunities, challenges and gifts.

On my breathtaking journey I tuned in to the Cosmic Teachings of Infinity and God Consciousness.

Sven dedicated his Path to be a door to the space of pure consciousness and possibility and he does it with fun, clarity and great vision. His unique quality lies in being able to express in clear words and with an open mind what he perceives in the hyperspace of universal consciousness. Knowing Sven is pure Inspiration.


Founder of StimmEnergetics, Author, Voice Trainer and Singer

Beings of Light and Love

Since the beginning of my powerful, inspiring and oftentimes overwhelming ride I worked with many people helping and guiding them to unfold their true beauty and potential, too.

On this path one thing became very clear to me:

We are powerful and divine beings and now is the right time to align with our Souls and live our greatest lives.

If you are like me, you know that you are here on purpose. You know that it is your most important mission to engage with your true Self, harmonizing your reality and elevate your energy.

I will teach you how to do it – accessing your Higher Reality.

Becoming naturally beautiful and simply "Yourself" – building strong and healthy connections, start loving life, being successful and feeling free.

What You’ll Get...

The fastest way to connect with me is to tune into my World and get exciting Tools, inspiring Information, free Resources and some pure Cosmic Energy!


The Brilliance Meditation activates the crystal clear Universal Power of your Higher Mind and the Spark of your Soul. It creates focus, presence and clarity. A super powerful meditation that clears your energetic body, activates your cosmic intelligence and aligns yourself with higher reality for more brilliance, presence, and impact.


The Leaving Fear Meditation is a powerful holistic tool to transform your fears and anxiety into clarity, serenity and strength. Using advanced guided imagination techniques and effective mind-processing this meditation works on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels to help you stabilize, brighten up and transform the dark areas of your Life.


A beautiful collection of some of Adam's most powerful transmission from the Trilogy of Life Book - Series. Connect to divine Wisdom and tune into Brilliance, Divine Powers and Love.


Become the Master of your Life and access your true Power. With the Masters Technique you get a profound tool to reclaim your Life.


Receive powerful Inspiration, Insights on Cosmic Leadership, Personal Achievement, Consciousness and the Power of the Mind  


“Powerfully inspirational!”

“Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation”

“Exceptional depth , relaxation & clarity......Thanks Sven !!!”

“Wow!!! That is amazing!”

“So powerful!“

“This is really beautiful, thank you.”

“Wonderful energy. Thank you.”

Join my Higher Reality Tribe and follow your Calling. Now is the perfect Moment to create Reality like a Master!

Become Brilliant and access your true potential

Connect with the Source and inspire the World

"Sven is a brilliant Coach and Mentor."

Jacqueline - Business Coach & Mental Trainer

"Sven' straight on, clear and nearly Zen-like way of coaching helped me to start shifting my focus. I was surprised and impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of Sven's approach to health and freedom. In only a couple of sessions I got a clear idea about how to move through the darkness and into the light."

Florian - Media Scientist and Spiritual Seeker

Cosmic Leadership: Your Connection to the Intelligence of Creation is the Golden Key to a fulfilled Life

Did you know...? That the only Person who has the Power to create the Life you love to live is you? 

Did you know...? That you are able to advance yourself in every area of your Life if you just take the next step?

Did you know...? That you are an incredible and magnificent Cosmic Being that just wants to express and create an inspiring Reality now?

Do not wait any longer! Get ready and inspire your Life... You have all you need inside of you and I'll guide you to access your True Self. Power, Light and Love are the essence of the honest and real Path we will go together...

You will miss something truly beautiful if you miss to connect to your Soul. You are here for a reason: Enjoy and Experience Life fully.

The fastest way to connect with me is to tune into my World and get exciting Tools, inspiring Information, free Resources and some pure and powerful Cosmic Energy!